Team manager Fritz Neuser

Just 20 years after his acitve motor sport career, Fritz Neuser got once more into the car sport. This time as a team boss of the Scuderia Auto-Neuser in the historical motor sport with an Alfa Romeo GTA 1600.

As driver, no one less than the "incredibly fast" Jürgen Zerha - at that time photo reporter at the magazine ASM Stuttgart - submitted his application.

Right from the start, the Scuderia won everything with its GTA 1600, that was to win in the historical motor sport in 1987 and 1988.

When Alfa Romeo putted down his sponsorship in 1988, the same success was continued on Lotus Cortina with Jürgen Zerha in 1989.

Alfa Romeo took up his sponsorship again and the Scuderia Auto-Neuser won further with Jürgen Zerha on the GTA. Until a new challenge cam up to the Scuderia: the European Championship of historical vehicles build until 1965.

The Championship was driven in seven international racing distances in five countries and was so advertising-effective that Fritz Neuser got - together with his "family driver" Jürgen Zerha - one of the legendary Hahne brothers (Bernd Hahne) in his team.

The races on the Championship have been hourly runnings with driver change.

28 enrolled team - with the BMW factroy pilots Dieter Quester and Rauno Altonen (Prince L. of Bavaria) - were the opponents of the Scuderia Auto-Neuser.

With only one point advance, Dieter Quester an Rauno Altonen on BMW 1800 TISA won before the GTA 1600 with the pilots Bernd Hahne and Jürgen Zerha from the Scuderia Auto-Neuser, Nuremberg, and became the European Champions.

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