On 7th of February 1962, the company Auto-Neuser was founded in the Maxtormauer 2-4 in Nuremberg. Still in the year of the formation, the company dealers contracts with the car manufacturers Alfa Romeo and British Leyland were concluded.

It was known that Neusers company worked until late at night. Therefore, it was not uncommon that technical discussions were held at night.

In 1966 the Maxtormauer business permises became too narrow and Fritz Neuser decided to build new at Röthensteig 2-4 in Nuremberg.  1.500 m² comprised the exhibition rooms as well as the workshop and the cellar.  "When I visited the ready excavation pit, I was shocked  because everything seemed so big!" Fritz Neuser remindes.

On 7th of December 1968 the opening was celebrated. As invited Guests were among others the reigning German Soccer Master 1. FCN with its successful Coach Max Merkel as well as World-, Europe- and German Masters of Cycling, Motorsport and other Sports.

After 26 successful service and sales years, the separation of the English brands followed in 1988 to develop the Ferrari representation, which Fritz Neuser had since 1980.
Special courses of the technicans and office workers were required by Ferrari as well as the best car workshop equipment. The Cleanliness of Auto-Neuser is still well known and loved by Customers and Visitors far beyond of the Borders of Nuremberg.

What Fritz Neuser achieved with Alfa Romeo could not be repeated with Ferrari (at Ferrari the clocks run a little different) Neuser is proud however of the fact, that from the beginning got assigned 12 new Ferrari and in the years later, up to 36 new vehicles were assigned to him. With it, the company Auto Neuser belonged to the most top-selling Ferrari dealers in Germany. On the other hand, Germany is on second place worldwide in Ferrari selling from Maranello - behind the USA and Canada.

After 42 occupational years, in 2002 Fritz Neuser searched for a successor for his company. Lastly the solution of selling the whole real estate Röthensteig 2-10 was prefered, including Ferrari and Maserati dealer contracts. The acquisition of all Neuser employees by the new owner was Neusers sales condition and nobody was dismissed.