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In 1964 Fritz Neuser sold two Alfa Giulia Ralley to Viersen and took a totally dissembled Abarth 1000 Bialbero, Series I, for them by payment. After the construction of this Abarth 1000, he explained to his wife an co-boss of the company Auto-Neuser, that a good "retail price" can only be achieved, if the racer is quick and driven.
Due to the fact that Fritz Neuser was attracted to car racing, this was the moment when he began his career as a racing driver. Therefore the Scuderia Auto-Neuser was born.

In Happurg Fritz Neuser drove this wonderful car to the 1st victory in the sports car class up to 1000 cubic centimetres. From this time on, the Abarth hasn't been up for sale anymore!

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In the next five following years, Fritz Neuser drove another Abarth Bialbero. 2 Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA - with this two cars, in 1968 and 1969 he won twice the mountain masteries - then an Alfa 1600 Tubolare Zagato I (Herbert Schulz) with which even the "mountain king" Sepp Greger was defeated. Finally the fastest Scuderia Auto-Neuser racings vehicles - a Porsche Carrera 906 - was bought from the freshly crowned Swiss European Champion Heini Walter from Basel. Neuser won with it in the Bavarian area nearly everything - until an accident in 1969 knock off the victory series abrupt.

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Then, nevertheless, the Carrera 906, build as a prototype in the Porsche factory, weas reconstructed into one of few 907 Bergspider with which Toni Fischhaber became the European mountain champion.

Neuser finished his motor sport career because of business reasons. The proud result: in 5 years from 1965 to 1969 52 victories in more than 68 races.

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If Fritz Neuser is asked today, which sport was nicer - cycling or motorsport - he couldn't give an answer ad hoc. Both had something special at its time. In cycling - that is the difference - he won 337 races and 12 German masteries in different disciplines within 10 years.

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